For better or worse we are wedded to the web!

Each of us has our own skills personality and appearance, we all have a different blend of these attributes. It’s what makes us what we are and how people perceive us.

We are in the Social Revolution generation where the web and our individual personas challenge each other. By that I mean that our lives are so interwoven by the web and social media that they are becoming part of our personality. How do we interact with them? How are we expected to interact with them? Should I feel guilty if I am not doing what my peer group do?

There’s huge expectation in the Social Revolution world. One of celebrity culture, instant fame or notoriety and instant access to a global audience which only a couple of generations ago was limited to our family, friends and co-workers and news travelled more slowly and was more personal.

Being yourself is more of a challenge now than it ever has been. So, understanding customers could be seen to be an impossibility, certainly more difficult than it ever was, and more and more customers hide behind their mouse, on line, not face to face. Fewer physical one to one transactions and certainly more limited opportunities to get to really know customers in the SR world.

However, there are four common traits in every customer that you can rely on.





People are BEARs. In our book we explore each of these attributes and how they relate to customers and their relationship with your organization and importantly vice-versa.

Think about yourself. In a relationship with any organization what are your beliefs about them? Do their products or services satisfy your emotions; do they care about you? Do their actions satisfy your emotions? Is the result of their actions what you expect?

Do you refer, or talk to others positively about those organizations which satisfy your BEAR needs? Conversely, do you criticize or complain to others about those that don’t? When you do either of those things, you’ll probably do it instantly on social media more than word of mouth.

As an organization, and accepting that customers are BEARs, you can understand the Customers Real Needs by investing in Feedback. Not 5 star on-line box ticking, short,  interactive, verbal Feedback based on a simple system and process to validate whether you are achieving you Customer Focuses Mission, and if not how you can improve.

So, quality Feedback that you really understand, is meaningful, and allows you to plan your next development inches, only comes from really understanding the common traits of people. You don’t need to second guess their personalities.

People are BEARs, go hunt the ones that like what you do and have the potential to refer you and ultimately have a partnership relationship with you. It’s the best investment you can make.


Russell Wood