Thank very much indeed to Dr Paul Johnston for his 5* review of the Reputation Book, it is much appreciated. Published on Amazon on 23rd May 2018

“I really enjoyed reading this book. It is packed full of ideas for any business professional looking for action orientated ideas that will improve and develop their business reputation and generate powerful referrals for future business growth. This handy book is published as a hard back just smaller than A5 which means its compact, easy to carry and keep with you for quick reference. The content is displayed in easy to read text and supported with clear unfussy practical diagrams that show how the topics connect together. This book gives you a complete reputation building system that has been proven to work.

One thing I really liked were the tips and exercises for getting practical value from the book which were built around the author’s eye catching idea of ‘Thinkabouts’ each relevant to the 5 key sections of the book. Thinkabouts act like mini personal homework exercises to help you get the most value from the ideas presented, there are also helpful tips on topics for additional research. The 5 sections in the book takes the reader on a journey that starts with a close look at the importance and nature of the social interaction and reputation building in business before progressing through two highly practical sections on how to become more referable and generate more references. At the end of the book the reader is given a summary of reputation building that is memorable and useful.

Throughout the book you will find helpful insights on management psychology that will help you get the most from your reputation building efforts. Many of these ideas will seem intuitive to experienced business people and its helpful to see them set out on paper.
I found the whole content of this book really refreshing because so many business books are dry reads about technique in isolation and seem to forget that in business ‘people buy people’. This is clearly a book written by two people who have got the experience, wisdom and insight to know what they are talking about and why reputation is crucial to personal success.

One really appealing thing throughout is the scepticism towards one -way mass marketing communication, so called marketing communications bull-shit of over promises and flannel, and the mistake of thinking good business is based on just being ‘nice’ to your customers. I’ve read lots of long winded academic articles on this subject and this book nails it on one page. The accessibility of this book speaks volumes about the gap that exists between academic research and everyday business practice too. As a university lecturer who has worked and continues to work in business this book appeals to the ‘pracademic’ in me, informed but not ponderous and arcane, thought provoking without being ‘head squeezing’ and all about the social art as well as the management science of building and leveraging reputation.
Written in plain English, straightforward easy to follow processes, with neat dashboard type
metrics, in my opinion, this book is perfect for the busy business professional who doesn’t want to give up their precious customer facing and business building time for specialised study. The authors have done the heavy lifting for you.”