Beautiful things symphonies, visualized and written by geniuses and captured on paper forever. Some rousing, some melancholic, some you really must concentrate on to understand the meaning of each movement. Some you cannot understand at all without a good interpreter!

I’m no Andrew Preview (classic Morecambe and Wise, look it up on line!) but isn’t every organization an orchestra? Teams and departments interact, their actions are interwoven. Every individual is an instrument and together, and in harmony, their orchestration can deliver a harmonious output, a glorious symphony with an outstanding result which may receive a standing ovation.

Without Feedback your organization is exposed. Exposed to the inaccuracy of hearsay or organizations not understanding what their customers WANT to hear. Often, organizations can be deaf to real opinion and blind to the Customers Real Needs.

Organizations want Feedback to be GREAT music to their ears and not a POOR cacophony of complaints. The problem is that not enough time and energy is invested in obtaining that quality Feedback.

There’s no rehearsal time. The Feedback systems and processes are not set up and worked on relentlessly. Rarely, did any composer create a masterpiece first putting pen to paper. They all needed an eraser to fine tune their work. Gathering Feedback IS quality rehearsal time!

Great symphonies are also interpreted by their audience. Individuals will hear different nuances in the work and the work itself will be played differently depending on the conductor and the orchestra. The interpretation of what your products or services offer is no different. You cannot assume that what you do is fully understood, by everyone, all the time. You must obtain regular feedback to check your performance and that your Customer Focused Mission is being delivered and that you are are still meeting the Customers Real Needs.

Interpretation is about moving forward. A new twist on a well-established musical work. Fit for a new generation in the Social Revolution world. In the same way, interpreting your Feedback will create more customer loyalty, increased customer engagement and ultimately more value. More importantly, the interpretation of your Feedback will help you to understand where to make improvements inch by inch and which inches to focus on next.

Your organization, just like a symphony will be more attractive to customers if it feels contemporary and your customers can relate to it, and if your reputation for meeting the Customers Real Needs is upheld.

Every business, whatever size and whatever it does can be a” Tour de Force” in its own marketplace. If you get your Feedback right, you will know it because your customers will be the first to say “Bravo!”


Russell Wood