Matt Orton and I are delighted to announce that  Reel Control will become part of Waypoint Leisure from 1st March 2021 in order to offer a comprehensive gaming data management service to pub companies, multi-tenants and leisure groups of any size who require support and insight into that part of their business.

Our gaming experience and expertise is well proven and long standing; we are always forward looking and our glass is always at least half full! We want to be at the vanguard of gaming income development for our clients in a different world, and being realistic, a world which will always be having to manage covid in some way.

Matt will be responsible for  IT and systems development and I will manage client portfolios and their income. We will also offer training input for our clients for their own teams and their managers and tenants as required. We believe it it really important to refuel the retail gaming offer as soon as some form of normality starts to return Therefore understanding the potential value from gaming to everyone’s bottom line in the supply chain, along with revisiting the real needs of the player,  will be a positive shot in the arm of a different kind!

The world has changed and the retail leisure sector has not been immune to the impact of covid. However, the sector always rises to challenges, adjusts, seeks opportunity and evolves new solutions. Our intention is to be part of that new cashless evolution and work with clients to add value to their businesses through our cost effective services and to encourage them to adopt the most appropriate gaming solutions for their own business.

Please feel free to contact me on 07990550194 or by email for further information.

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Waypoint Leisure specialises gaming management services to UK pubs and leisure businesses and F&B retail design and development and feasibility studies to the UK local authority leisure sector.

Russell Wood

First published 13th February 2021