I’ve recently embarked on a new hobby with a lot of help and advice from a great organisation called GroCycle, a not for profit mushroom grower and experts in their field. It has taken quite a few weeks in between doing other stuff,  but I’ve built the “Shroomery” (as we amateur Mycologists like to call it), and the first crop is underway!

There are some early learning casualties of course, and not all the “sacks” will make it to Christmas, but the family know what will be in their stockings this year, and fresh or dried, they will taste them! (For any geeky readers, the issue was my substrate was too damp).

One of the reasons for doing this is to set up educational packs for schools to support my wife’s tutoring business, as well as eating them of course, and learning new skills!

Which brings me to reading about, and liaising with, former colleagues and friends about finding or taking on new roles, in new businesses, and all the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with that particular personal and difficult challenge.

You may blame “mushroom management” for such employment decisions, but you don’t have to be in a dark place. In fact, in the mushroom world they need light, fresh air and moisture to thrive and it is only a handful that actually dwell in manure!

There’s still a lot of positive activity going on out there, even amid Covid, Brexit and Biden. Contractors are building and working; people are having meetings remotely and face to face; businesses are reflecting and changing; plans are being made for 2022 and beyond; new projects are evolving; systems and processes are being reviewed; things are still being designed and invented; teams are being trained; new retail habits are evolving.  It is all potential future opportunity.

Don’t stand still. You don’t have to do what you did before, you may not even want to, and it is great to learn new skills and have new experiences in new worlds you never imagined you could or would ever work in. Take the opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy real daylight for a while. Like mushrooms you can regenerate!

There is no magic or quick fix to finding something fulfilling to do. However, your uniquely acquired knowledge and experience has huge value to spawn new ideas for many businesses both small and large. 

Businesses are being challenged to look forward more than they may normally do, and they are looking for options, and with it, fresh approaches to management and problem solving. 

If you want to read something different try “Entangled Life”  by Merlin Sheldrake – talk about “networking” this book puts Linkedin into the minor league!

So, reflect on all that you have already achieved, take heart and dive into new opportunities, however niche some may first appear to be!  You might even become a Mycologist!

First published November 11th 2020